Berries are consider to be nutritional powerhouses whether they are eaten fresh or frozen. You can also gain the nutritional benefits from dried, freeze-dried or powdered berries. In general, berries are naturally high in antioxidants as well. They are also packed with fibre, vitamin C and folate. The darker the berry, the greater its phytochemical content and the higher the health benefits.

Not only are they juicy, summery and delicious, they are also considered a superfood, nutrient-rich and packed with antioxidants (like vitamin C), strawberries offer a wide range of health benefits including, being a rich source of Vitamin C.

On top of that according to Traditional Chinese Medicine berries can help to tonify “Jing” or essence.

Blueberries can:

Boost The Immune System

They contain a high amount of Vitamin which enhances the immune system and can help ward off potential harmful illnesses.

Reduce Ageing
The antioxidants fight off free radicals that rapidly enhance aging. This results in a more youthful appearance when blueberries are eaten at a daily basis.

Help to Promote Weight Loss
Blueberries low calorie content makes it a great part of your diet and it has a moderate fiber content which helps prolong the feeling of satiety.

Helps to Prevent Urinary Tract Infection
They have a highly acidic properties which neutralize the pH environment of the urinary bladder, thus helping to prevent urinary tract infection.

Can Help to Prevent Vision Degeneration
Blueberries contain anthyanosides which prevent vision degeneration and reduce vision loss.

They Can Aid in Preventing Brain Degeneration
They help promote mental alertness thus preventing brain degeneration.

Promotes Heart Health
Blueberries can help prevent clotting and promote blood circulation, thus promoting optimum heart health.

Relieves Constipation
High in fiber content, blueberries promote a regular bowel movement. It also bulks up the stools and softens them, relieving constipation.

Can Help to Reduce the Risk Of Cancer
The antioxidant properties can help prevent precipitating factors of the formation of cancerous cells.

Mood Boosters
It helps elevate mood levels, promoting a sense of well being and reducing stress.

Prevent Depression
It induces the productions of endorphins thus regulating moods and preventing depression.

Promote Fetal Health
Blueberries contain an amount of folic acid and niacin which enhances the fetus’s early development while still in the womb.

Can Help Improve Memory
Studies show that blueberries helps improve memory and these are a common diet among students.

Provides Energy
They provide a sudden burst of energy fighting off fatigue and lethargy.

Can Help to Lower Cholesterol
It lowers the bad cholesterol through its high fiber content and promotes the proliferation of good cholesterol.

Helps to Lower Blood Glucose
It has a low glycemic index and can aid in lowering blood sugar levels. This is an ideal food of choice for diabetics.

Improve Skin Texture
Its antioxidant properties help fight appearance of blemishes thus resulting in a smoother skin texture.

Can Help to Reduce Incidence Of Heart Attack
It prevents the formation of plaque thus reducing the incidence of a potential heart attack.

Rich In Vitamins
It is rich in vitamins, particularly Vitamin C and complies with the daily recommended allowance.

Rich In Minerals
It is rich in minerals, which can promote bone and connective tissue support.

Enhance Skin Against UV Rays
The antioxidants also provide a natural protection against ultraviolet rays which can cause skin damage and result to aging.

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