Cancer Membership

$9.95 / week

  • The benefits of exercise during and after treatment are significant and research has proved its effectiveness.
  • Exercise increases our natural immune system and better equips our bodies to fight cancer.
  • Most chemotherapy drugs have side effects which can be minimised by prescribing the correct exercise during and after treatment.
  • Exercise can help with the mental issues that often accompany a cancer diagnosis.
  • Exercise alone will not cure cancer, but it will assist other treatments, help speed recovery, and lead to a better quality of life during the cancer journey.
  • Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists can prescribe the appropriate exercises taking into account your existing chemo treatment and their side effects.
  • Once you cancel you will no longer have access to your members area.

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Membership Inclusions

  • Free Initial consultation and assessment with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (EP) or Free Initial consultation and assessment with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (EP) or Physiotherapist (Physio), (Limited Time).
  • Individually designed 20-week exercise program based on your assessed current health status as prescribed by the accredited EP or Physio.
  • Our unique online “virtual coach” to help keep you motivated and on track.
  • Step by Step instructional videos as prescribed by the EP or Physio.
  • Option to purchase additional Personal Training session packs at discounted rates for those that feel they need it.(available within the members area)
  • Exercise Timetable Planner.
  • Access to “My Tracker” that will allow you to track you weight measurements.
  • Nutritional Guidelines and optimum Kilojoule intake and recommendations.
  • A sophisticated meal planner, including a shopping list generator.
  • Recipe library with simple easy recipes exclusive to Exercise Therapy Australia.
  • Specifically, written meal plans for each chronic disease.
  • Guided meditations for you to try.
  • Gentle yoga sequences exclusive to our members, for you to try.
  • Web site access.
Direct Debit Payments will be made weekly via Paypal at $9.95 per week. There is a minimum 20 period after which you can cancel anytime.

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