Recent scientific studies have shown that exercise dramatically increases the level of Endocannabinoids in our system. These naturally produced Endocannabinoids have an extremely similar molecular structure to that of Cannabinoids found in Cannabis (i.e. Marijuana, pot, hash etc) and have similar physiological and psychological effects on the human body.

Endocannabinoids are now being heralded as responsible for the well documented “Runners High” and “Second Wind” conditions that endurance athletes often experience.  Increased levels of endocannabinoids seem to induce feelings which have been described as, pure happiness, elation, inner harmony, boundless energy, euphoric sensation and a reduction in pain.

Yes, it appears that we have inbuilt in our DNA a mechanism to encourage and reward the body with a “Natural High” and good feelings for when we exercise.

Why do we get a “High” and “Feel Good” after exercising


Although not produced in the same quantities as Cannabis (diagram on right) our bodies produce a very similar compound with similar effects (diagram on left) when we exercise.

Low dose medicinal cannabis is now prescribed for a range of medical conditions in some states in the USA and other jurisdictions around the world. It would appear that the Medical World is replicating what already happens in the human body when we exercise.

Exercise really is Medicine and should be prescribed to everyone!

Ref: Dr Saorise O’Sullivan, Physiologist, University of Nottingham.

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