Struggling to Get Started, Already Failed With Your New Years Resolution?

By now, most of us have gotten over the post holiday blues and back to the rhythms of life with work and family.

It is a special time of year, a time where we think big for ourselves making plans for our next twelve months.

The most popular resolution is improving health. As tasty as the holiday goodies are, they leave us feeling bloated, heavier, lethargic and a little less on track with our goals than we’d like and little less motivated to start a new exercise program

Just to share some insight, those new healthy resolutions don’t have to be complicated, and they don’t have to end before February even arrives.

The key to looking and feeling your best is to keep things uncomplicated and simple.

We have taken the time to put together some resources to help you get on track.

Below you will find everything you need to get you going.

Kickstart the year with the printable downloads.







  1. Download and prints all the pdfs
  2. Put them into a ring binder or similar
  3. Set aside quiet time to complete the pdfs
  4. Start with “Set Your Intentions”
  5. Complete the “Goal Setting” and “New Habits” worksheets
  6. MOST IMPORTANT revisit your ring binder and completed documents daily to remind yourself why you are chasing your goals
  7. When you are ready compete the “Fitness Tracker”
  8. Fill in the “7 day food and exercise diary”at the beginning and end of each week, as well as on a daily basis.
  9. If you seek a more personalised program, please email me!

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7 Day Food and Exercise Diary
Goal Setting Worksheet
Fitness Tracker
Set Your Intentions
New Habit Worksheet
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