You don’t need to join a commercial gym with lots of weights and machines.

Our Prescribed Exercises can all be done at home using your own body weight for resistance.

Gyms aren’t for everyone and can be expensive to join. Some people just don’t like them. Others may be undergoing treatment which reduces their immune system and places like shopping centres and gyms where they could catch a bug should be avoided.

Travelling to and from a gym can eat into the minimum 28 minutes a day we should be doing and if it is a class you are looking to do, the time that it’s on may not suit you. If you miss your class, you might say ahh well missed my 28 minutes today, to bad – so sad… Or you may regularly go with a friend who can’t make it and because they can’t make it you don’t go either.

A major part of the Exercise Therapy program is to help participants develop new good habits and behaviours that make exercise enjoyable and a regular part of their every day life. Likewise, we must break any old bad habits of sedentary and all those things that avoid us doing our exercise.

It only takes 28 minutes – But for many people that can still be a challenge to fit into every day life. We are conscious of the rigors of modern day life with work, travel, school drop offs and pickups, etc that really impacts on our precious time.

However, we can all fit 28 minutes into our daily schedule somewhere, and it doesn’t need to be the same 28 minutes each day. Exercise Therapy has the tools to break bad habits and develop new good habits that will find 28 minutes in everyone’s day, every day. Our prescribed exercises are also designed to be done at home, local park, or beach.

This is where a small home exercise area really comes to the fore and it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune.  All that is needed is a few small items and a bit of floor space. On those days when we really struggle to fit in our 28 minutes we can still do it in the privacy and comfort of our own home.

If you have the space, maybe section off a piece garage, you might add some equipment that you might like to use, maybe a boxing bag or exercise/spin bike. It doesn’t always have to be new either.

You can find all sorts of equipment on:

  • Local Buy Swap Sell social sites
  • Gumtree
  • eBay
  • Tip Recycle Centres and second-hand shops.
  • Kmart and Aldi also have items for the budget conscious.
  • The other piece of equipment you need is a clock or stopwatch to time your sessions. A mobile phone will do.

The Basic Items to get you started are:-

  • Floor Exercise Mat or Yoga Mat
  • Skipping Rope
  • 2kg, 5kg or 7kg hand weights.
cheap home exercise set up

Back Door Open Air Exercise Area

All this for $170 – Just wants to make you get out there and do it!

  • $39 Boxing Bag Wall Bracket – eBay (inc. freight)
  • $20 Boxing Bag & Mits – Local Tip Shop
  • $20 Assorted hand weights
  • $40 Exercise Spin bike – Gumtree
  • $39 Exercise Bench – Kmart
  • $  8 Fitness matt – Kmart
  • $  4 Skipping Rope – Kmart

Exercise is the best Therapy to reduce the risk of contracting nearly every chronic disease known to man. It is also the New Medicine being prescribed to help treat, manage and alleviate Chronic Disease.

Take the Pill and be better for it!

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