There is so much we can do over the holiday season, but personally I like to take the time to reflect on the year gone by and re-focus energies into the year ahead.

Here is a planner I put together to help you do the same:

Remember YOU WRITE YOUR RULE BOOK – so it’s time to regroup, pause and don’t force the next steps until you’ve taken a breather and reflected.

What do you need to do to make your health and fitness goals happen? You need to dedicate yourself. Align your actions with your intentions. Set your goals and come back to your goals and review them.

Use your Quarterly Planner to write then down and here is a handy hint: the more you review, the quicker they’ll come true!

You also need to:

  • To let go of all the old past stuff + be grateful for it so you can move on.
  • Support systems to help you make it happen. Make sure to join our closed Facebook groups
  • Review your goals regularly. Handy hint: the more you review, the quicker they’ll come true!
  • Set deadlines for your goals.

PS: Reach out if you’re stuck, inspired, not sure where to start, have questions or just want some help.

Have a brilliant of a Christmas.

Director Exercise Therapy Australia

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