Regular exercise releases brain chemicals that support better memory, concentration, and mental sharpness.

Research from Harvard Medical School shows that exercise prevents “cognitive decline” and can even recover memory function that you may have lost. It does this by releasing a chemical called “brain derived neurotrophic factor” (BDNF)

BDNF rewires our memory circuits so that they work better. When you exercise and move around you are using more brain cells and using more brain cells turns on the genes to make more BDNF. It’s just like upgrading the RAM in your PC.

The only draw back is you can’t buy BDNF in a jar, plug it in like a circuit board or take it as a Pill – only the Brain can make it for you when you Exercise. Preferably at least 28 minutes a day of moderately intense exercise, ideally at least 5 days a week and preferably 7, where you raise your heart rate to 70% of maximum. For men that’s roughly 220 beats per minute minus your age. So, for a 58 year-old-man the target heart rate would be 220 – 58 = 162 beats per minute. Getting your heart rate up is something you can do by just walking fast instead of a leisurely stroll. You don’t have to be running – just be moving quickly.

Dr John Rately from Harvard Medical School says exercising just “once or twice” a week is just not going to do it for you and won’t really increase your BDNF. It might be good for the rest of your body, but you won’t see much in terms of cognitive benefit.

How does this help in the work place?

By having better memory, concentration and mental sharpness we can be more productive and finish tasks quicker, be more creative and develop better solutions to work place problems.

By being more productive for your employer there is a good reason for a pay rise come annual review day.
Why not even take this article with you to support your case for those extra dollars?

Exercise – Take the Pill and be better for it $$$

Ref: Dr John Rately, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School

Exercise is the best Therapy to reduce the risk of contracting nearly every chronic disease known to man. It is also the New Medicine being prescribed to help treat, manage and alleviate Chronic Disease.

Take the Pill and be better for it!

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