New research suggests that by doing just 3 minutes of exercise a week will maintain a person’s fitness.

Its called Hi Intensity Interval Training or HIIT and involves doing 2 x 20 second hi intensity sessions with a short 20 second rest in between 3 times a week. Total of 3 minutes per week.

The typical HIIT session would be to cycle on a sprint exercise bike flat out at moderate resistance for 2 bursts of 20 seconds each or until you are totally exhausted.

If you don’t have access to an exercise bike you could do the following at home and achieve the same results.

It takes a little longer 5 minutes x 3 times per week. Total of 15 minutes per week.

  • 1 x minute Star Jumps
  • 1 x minute Squats
  • 1 x Minute Sprint Running on the spot (or sprints)
  • 1 x minute Squats
  • 1 x minute Star Jumps

Ramp it up by training in the sand!

If you are really stretched for time during the week maybe HIIT is for you and may motivate you to get going knowing that you only have to do a few minutes of exercise.

The underlying science of HIIT all comes back to when we were cavemen and had to exert energy in short bursts to either catch prey or flee from danger. The rest of the time we were just walking around. Our inbuilt DNA from caveman days is apparently designed and tuned to doing short bursts of exercise.

The Jury might still be out on HIIT but you have to admit it is a really appealing concept.

Ref: Dr Beth Phillips Assoc Prof Nottingham Uni

Exercise is the best Therapy to reduce the risk of contracting nearly every chronic disease known to man. It is also the New Medicine being prescribed to help treat, manage and alleviate Chronic Disease.

Take the Pill and be better for it!

Just for Fun!

HIIT Me with your rhythm stick – Ian Dury and the Blockheads …..


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