Why Choose ETA?

Exercise Therapy Australia (ETA) is a unique prescription exercise program specially designed and tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. We put the science and research into your exercise program to make it as efficient and beneficial for you whilst minimising the amount of time that you actually need to do it.

ETA is committed to improving the health outcomes of chronic illness sufferers, by delivering home based prescription exercise programs by qualified and accredited exercise physiologists and physiotherapists. We are here to help you better manage your diagnosis and treatment and to help you achieve the best quality of life possible.

How Much Does It Cost to Join ETA?

Costs vary depending on which program you sign up for.

All payment options are outlined on the following page “How It Works”

What Do I Get When I Sign Up to ETA?

If you go the following page “How It Works” it outlines all of the inclusions in the ETA programs. If you still have questions, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Can I Get A Refund?

Once you sign up you are committed for 20 weeks. At any point after the 20 weeks you can cancel your membership.

Can I Upgrade My Account?

Yes once you have signed up, there are options within your membership area. The biggest part of the upgrade is buying additional Personal Trainers sessions.

Why Would I Upgrade My Account?

We foresee the main reason to upgrade it to take advantage of using ETA approved PTs. Our PTs are there to not only show you the correct exercise techniques, but to also keep you motivated.

How Do I Cancel My Membership?

Once you are logged into “My Account” which is different to your “Dashboard”, you will see “Subscription” once you click on the “Subscription” link you will see the option to cancel or pause your subscription.

What Happens After I Sign Up?

Once you have joined you will be given access to the members area of the web site where there will be tutorials showing you how to book an appointment with one of our Exercise Physiologists or Physiotherapists.

How Does My Appointment Happen Once I have Joined ETA?

At ETA we feel that distance or illness should not be a barrier to health services. For this reason we have set up encrypted technology which provides a convenient and secure face to face chat. The platform the we have chosen to use is also Safeharbor certified so you can be sure data remains secure. The platform also enables video calls, voice calls, screen sharing and messaging. Once you have joined there will be tutorials in the members area showing you how to use the system.

Although it is simple to use, we recommend you have a look at how conferencing system works. If you have any concerns after reading the instructions and viewing the video please feel free to contact us.

What If I Live Rurally and My Internet is Very Slow

At ETA we completely understand what it is like to live in a rural region that can have poor or intermittent internet connections. So we have set up internal tele conferencing features within the website to allow for voice calls only, in the case that your internet cannot handle video calls. Where ever possible we do encourage face to face video calls.

What Payment Options Do I Have?

ETA accepts secure paypal payments, if you don’t have a Paypal account, you can still make a secure payment using your Credit Card via Paypal.

Will I Be Having An Appointment With An Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist?

You will be able to select the most appropriate therapist for your condition depending on availability all our physiotherapists and exercise physiologist are highly qualified to prescribe you an personalised program to suit your individual condition.

What If I don’t Understand Something in My Program?

Please search our FAQS if you can’t find the answer, then feel free to ask within our closed Facebook group. You can contact your PT with questions as well.

How Do I Book an Appointment With My Exercise Physiologist?

Once you log into the back end of the website, you will able to access your members area. Here there will be a tab where you can book an appointment with an exercise physiologist or physiotherapist.

What Happens After I Have My Appointment?

Once your appointment is completed your physiotherapist or exercise physiologist will review your information and prescribe an exercise program. Please allow them several days to complete this process. You will still have full access to all the additional features within the members area of the website during this time.

If several days goes by and you log back into your dashboard and there is no added exercise program, please contact us so we can follow it up for you.

I Am Having Trouble Booking My Appointment With My Exercise Physiologist?

If you are logged into your members area and are accessing the appointment scheduling. After reading the instructional information and viewing the instructional video feel free to contact us for support.

Remember you do need to be logged into your account to book your appointment.

What If I Things Change With My Treatment and I Need a Follow up With My Exercise Physiologist?

There is an option with in the members area to book an additional follow up appointment with your therapist at a discounted rate of $130. Once you have paid you can book and additional appointment.

How Do I Cancel or Change My Appointment With My Exercise Physiologist?

Once you are logged in and have accessed your dashboard, you will see the “Booking” tab. Under this tab you will see your booking. Whiny originally booked, you therapist would have received an email to confirm the booking. Under the booking you will see once it has been confirmed. The drop down will give you an option to cancel. You must cancel your original booking before you can select another appointment time and date.

Please not that the drop down will show “NEW” until the booking is confirmed by the therapist. You can still cancel and change your appointment at this stage.

How Do you Select Your Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapists?

AT ETA we have personally approached selected exercise physiologist or physiotherapists to join our team. We do allow the exercise physiologist or physiotherapists to join our team that having been approached by us, but they need to go through a rigorous application process. All our therapists are highly trained and highly skilled.

How Do You Select Your PTs?

At ETA we recognise the fact that dealing with a chronic health conditions present many challenges and for this reason we have taken it on to select PTS that we feel fit with in our culture. We don’t accept PTs that we feel won’t be empathic to the needs of patients with chronic health conditions and all PT’s need to go through an applicant process before they become a member of the ETA team.

In additional all PTs are contracted to ETA and have their own personal insurance and fitness body registration.

What If I Can’t Attend My PT Sessions?

Even if you are feeling below average we highly recommend you attempt to attend your PT sessions. All our PTs will be empathetic to your needs and can adjust the level of intensity if required. It is proven that exercise can actually help you to feel better by releasing endorphins or “happy hormones”.

We do require a 24 hour cancellation or rescheduling or PT sessions unless you make a direct arrangement with your PT.

If you have extremely strenuous circumstances, please just contact us directly and we will help discuss your individual options.

How Do I Cancel or Change My Appointment With My PT?

You can cancel or change you appointment directly with your PT 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

What If I Don’t Like My PT?

All of the ETA PTs go trough an application process before being accepted in to join our team, so we expect them to conduct themselves in a professional at all times. We also understand that not all personality types gel perfectly, so if you have issues with your PT please contact us. We will endeavour to find you another suitable PT, but would also appreciate feedback on the issues to allow us to improve our screening process.

Can I Book Additional PT Sessions After I Have Signed Up.
Yes we have several different package options within the members area that will allow you to book additional PT sessions.

What If I Paid For Option 1 or 2 and I Can’t Continue or Need to Delay My PT Sessions?

We completely understand that things can change so we will happily refund any unused appointments, you will continue to pay the $40 a month membership. You can upgrade at any stage in the future.

What is Involved in the Meal Plan?

At ETA we actually don’t believe in one size fits all, for this reason we consider the meal plan as a guide only. If there are foods or meals that aren’t to your tastes we have an option to create your own meal plans.

Do You Have Meal Options for Vegans, Paleo, Raw & Vegetarian?

At this stage we only have a small collection of recipes which we are adding to on a regular basis. We have don’t have specific meal plans at the stage for special dietary needs, but intend on adding them into the future. We have set up a system that also allows you to easily create your own meal plans according to your tastes an requirements.

I Didn’t Get My Sign Up Email?

Please allow 5-10 minutes for emails to arrive in your inbox. If you don’t get them please check your junk or spam. You will receive several emails including your login, payment details and an email asking you to confirm your subscription. If you still can’t find your login details you can contact us at

I Can’t Login?

Please check you have the correct login url or you can access it at the green button at the top of the account.

We also recommend you copy and paste the password, so that you don’t get the upper and lower case confused. The password is case sensitive.

I Have Forgotten My Password?

You can reset your password at the following link: or at the account login you will see a “Lost Your Password” option. If you click on the link it will take you to the url above.

Who Can See My Information?
How Secure is My Information?
Is there a Medicare Rebate for ETA?

There is a small rebate available from Medicare under the Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP) where eligible patients can receive 5 x one on one consultations from certain allied health care professionals. The CDMP must first be obtained from a GP. Unfortunately, because our service is delivered remotely and not “one on one” this rebate is not available for ETA. Also, we provide our Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist consultation free of charge anyway so as not to disadvantage our customers. We would suggest that if you have a CDMP from your GP you could use the 5 x consultations for another type of allied health professional such as a Diabetes Educator, Dietitian, Psychologist etc.

Why is the program a minimum of 20 weeks?

Our program is not just about providing exercises for you to do. We also understand that you may have old bad habits to break and new good habits to form that will carry you in good stead for the rest of your life. You may also “fall off the wagon” and suffer a setback with your motivation at some stage – most people do. Experience has shown that at least 20 weeks is required to achieve a satisfactory result.

Still have questions?

Facts and Stats

  • 1 in 2 Australians suffer from chronic diseases.

  • A staggering 280 Australians develop diabetes everyday, that is one every 5 minutes.

  • 1 in 5 Australians suffer from multiple chronic diseases

  • The estimated number of new cancer cases diagnosed in 2017 is 134,174

  • Exercise can reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

  • “If doctors could prescribe Exercise in a pill form, it would be the single most widely prescribed drug in the world” – Dr Robert N. Butler