Overnight Matcha Chia Pudding

Chia puddings are great to prepare ahead of time and you make several at once, making it not just healthy and delicious but also convenient for those busy times of the day.

Raspberry and Flaxseed Smoothie Bowl

So much to rave about with this recipe, flaxseeds are one of those super healthy foods that are not always easy to get into your diet, but be Flaxseed should also not be eaten by those who are on [...]

Mango Lassi With Mint

This mango lassi with a hint of mint is perfect when you are on the go and great for kids as well. [recipe] You Might Also Enjoy

Chocolate Hummus

Eat your chickpeas and chocolate, with this delicious chocolate hummus recipe. Gluten free, dairy free, quick, low calorie and vegan! Make it ahead of time and have it on the go or with your [...]

Bee Pollen Chocolate Coconut Truffles

Local bee pollen and local raw honey when included in the diet a few times per week just prior to the growing season and during the growing season of your region can help alleviate seasonal [...]

Egg and Bacon, Cabbage, Kale Pie

While not round and technically not a pie, this is a delicious and nutritious snack, high in protein. Feel free to swap out the vegetables for anything you might have in the fridge, for example [...]

Easy Beef Curry

I usually cook this recipe in the slow cooker, it’s one of those lovely ways to cook in the winter, which is when the slow cooker tends to make it’s presnece know on our kitchen bench. You could [...]