Exercise = Payrise $$$

Regular exercise releases brain chemicals that support better memory, concentration, and mental sharpness. Research from Harvard Medical School shows that exercise prevents “cognitive decline” [...]

Take the 4 minute At Home Fitness Test

Ever wondered how fit you should be compared to the rest of the population? You can take this simple 2 x Exercise test in the comfort of your own home. First Test: Chair sit test. How long does [...]

Ignite Your Motivation, Fit Tips

Ignite Your Motivation Fire up your focus, whether you’re setting up a brand new routine or needing a bit of extra motivation to get yourself back on track, these Fit Tips are a sure fire way to [...]

Summer Love, Mangos for Good Health

Summer not only brings sunshine and warmth, but delicious tropical fruits such as mangos start appearing on shelves at your local fruit and veg shop, or if you are lucky enough to live in the [...]